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Why choose

Northern Lights

Create Eye Candy

Improve visibility of your products to boost sales &
Optimize consumer convenience

Trust your equipment

Rely on high quality display case &
Dedicated customer service

Ease your daily work

Choose to work with a highly functional space &
Easy-to-clean exterior s/s finish

Highlight your products

Vertical Air Screen Display

Versatility under the spotlight!

  • Merchandise elegantly : beverages, sandwiches, salads, snacks and all of your packaged products

  • Enhance your shopping environment with the sleek design and glass sides

  • Minimize cleaning and care time with removable shelves and orbital hand polished exterior finish

Where : Everywhere you want to accommodate on-the-go customers

Vertical Air Screen Display

Meat aging case

Excite taste buds!

  • Display freshness of meat or charcuterie during their delicate aging process
  • Create a focal point in your decor with its 3 glass walls
  • Enhance your menu with meats of a unique taste and tenderness

Where: Restaurants, delicatessens, gourmet stores, and more.

Vertical Air Screen Display

Vertical Refrigerated Display

Your menu comes alive!

  • Showcase your Cheese, Charcuterie (delicatessen), pastries, and more
  • Choose your own décor: counter top or on a storage base
  • Create a focal point in your space with its sleek design

Where: Restaurants, butcheries, bakeries, delicatessens, gourmet grocery store, and more.

Vertical Refrigerated Display

Deli Case

Display mouthwatering culinary delicacies!

  • Showcase your cakes, treats, pastries, sandwiches, and more
  • Ease the service with a sliding bottom shelf and optional service shelf
  • Save time with easy cleaning and loading thanks to the thoughtful design

Where: Bakeries, cafés, delis, cake shops, chocolaterie, retail stores, and more.

Vertical Air Screen Display

To make Northern Lights a part of your project